Maybe it’s just a coincidence…

September 23, 2015 In SALTY GETAWAY
  • I follow your blog, and not the other ones you mentioned….so at least there is that. You will have the ability to WOW me with your adventures in Portugal. 😀

  • Even though other bloggers are traveling to the same country as you doesn’t mean that they’ll have the same experiences or will share it in the same voice.

    • I know, but I’m talking more about the feeling, when you naively expect to do something first :))) Of course I’ll try to show Portugal in my own way and hope you’ll like it.

  • We wish you a fabulous time in Portugal. There is much to see and do, enough for an infinite number of blogers!

    • Thanks, saltofportugal, I have no doubt that our road trip in Portugal will be really magical and unforgettable! 😉

  • I love this blog of yours! Definitely an easy follow, and beautiful design choices. I am actually moving to the South Pacific and have a blog about my preparations and ideas. I’d love or you to check it out here: