“Don’t give up on your dreams, or your dreams will give up on you.”

I was born in Northern Europe, in a small beautiful country called Lithuania (the land of rain) near the cold and roaring Baltic Sea. As far as I remember myself I was always obsessed with coastal life and.. the ocean: an endless source of inspiration, pure beauty and freedom. I saw the ocean for the first time only when I was 25 in Fiji islands and since that moment I knew my heart belongs to it..

Once I came back from Fiji my longing for the ocean was such strong that I couldn’t live without it. So few years after I moved to Portugal, Lisbon. Decision was not the easiest one because I left my husband, my family and all of my friends. I had to start this journey completely alone by facing my biggest fears, insecurities and doubts but never regret that I did it. Somehow I finally found home: my heart and soul now belong to the small fishermen town Seixal and first time in my whole life I don’t want to leave. 

Photography came to my life when I was a teenager as a tool to express my feelings and sense of beauty. Even though I wasn’t such a bad speaker or writer I never could find the right words to describe what I wanted but capturing moments through the lens helped me to solve this problem. Camera for me was like a pencil for an artist – I finally had a chance to show people how do I see world, how do I see details, emotions, beauty without telling a word. 

Mostly I was working with fashion or interior projects but every single time it was strongly connected to the ocean or coastal life. After many years of trying to find my own place and style in photography I could describe myself as salty storyteller who loves minimalist aesthetic, non-photoshopped beauty of nature and people with their perfect imperfections, always inspired by the ocean, sound of playing waves and seagulls above.

Let me take you on a journey across the deep blue oceans and wavy seas…